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A Web Solution is a solution developed using web based technologies and primarily intended to interface via traditional computers (laptops, netbooks, desktops, servers, etc.). This category includes Web Sites, Web Applications, Web Services and Web Based SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) solutions.

The talent at codeOkla has been creating Web Solutions since the late 1990s and has a vast knowledge base and the experiential foundation in web technologies necessary to design and develop the Web Solution you need. We keep ourselves current on all of the latest and greatest technologies as they are released. Yet we don't lean toward using bleeding edge technologies until they are mature enough to prove themselves reliable and likely to remain in a supported state by the industry at large. And we won't use a technology not likely to be available to your targeted demographic. (For example, Flash was once considered a leading technology for dynamic and interactive websites, yet today support for the Flash plugin is on the wane*.) We don't want you to be stuck with a technology that is too new, too old, or too controversial to enjoy widespread adoption by your intended audience, rendering your Web Solution inaccessible and a non-solution.

Currently, codeOkla leans toward .NET, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and, when applicable, SQL Server or Postgres as the foundation of its Web Solutions. Depending on the needs and desires of you, our client, we are fully comfortable using any of the prevailing patterns of the day, including, for example, web forms, MVC, MVVM, and MVP. However, we understand that there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" technology or architecture. The particular technologies used on your project will be determined by the needs of the project itself. We don't push an architecture based on our personal preferences or on "available talent." We recommend an architecture based on what we feel is best for your unique solution needs.

If it turns out that codeOkla believes the best technologies and architecture for your current need do not fall within our area of expertise, we will not hesitate to direct you elsewhere. We are more concerned with being a company that provides solutions of impeccable quality than in getting a contract signed for a project that is outside of our comfort zone. In this way, we believe we can earn your trust and, therefore, your future business when you have a need that is within our expertise.

As with all of our Solutions, codeOkla adheres to industry standards and best practices . This means the solution we provide to you will be robust and supportable. Our web solutions, for example, will adhere to the standards published by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium,, the undisputed authority on web standards. This means the solution will work on all modern browsers that also adhere to the W3C standards.

codeOkla also has extensive experience upgrading legacy web applications to use more modern technologies and development patterns. If this applies to you, please view our Legacy Applications page for more information.